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The Win/Win Marriage Course

Get the Support You Need to Build the Marriage You Want

When we designed this course, we were thinking about YOU. After serving more than 100 couples over the last 14 years, we had a chance to see how great marriages work. And guess what? There is a common theme.

Great marriages are scripture based and great marriages address their issues head on.

Avoiding issues doesn't work in the long run. You may avoid a few issues, but eventually they come back. To say it another way, Goliath has to be defeated not avoided.

That's why we created this course. It's for couples who are tired of being stuck and want to see the full potential of their relationship.

And another huge benefit is that our course is designed to work for couples who have been together for 20 years and couples who are engaged and thinking about marriage.

Here's what's included in our course:

Session 1: The Winning Mindset

Learn how to recognize a winning mindset in your marriage. By learning to think differently, give yourselves a real chance to move forward.

Session 2: The Biblical Marriage

In this session, we look to scripture to see how marriage should be defined. We answer questions like what is a husband and what is a wife.

Session 3: Dealing With Your Pasts

Most of us enter marriage with the baggage of our past experiences and past relationships. In this session, we talk about the importance of addressing your personal issues so that your marriage can win.

Session 4: Learning to Trust (Again)

Trust is fragile, and once it's broken, it can be a real challenge to get it back. In this session, we give you the tools to start building or rebuilding trust.

Session 5: Working As A Team

Conflict happens in every relationship. The key is learning how to navigate it. When couples fight each other, everybody loses. When they fight the problem, everybody wins. In this session, we talk about how to approach conflict as a team so you can see real, lasting results.

Session 6: Communication: Learning How to Speak & How to Listen

A lack of communication is one of the top reasons that couples slept up. In this session learn strategies to help you learn to share and listen to build winning communication.

Session 7: Winning With Money

A winning marriage needs a stable financial base to support it. In this session, we share some tips to help you build financial stability in your marriage.

Session 8: Intimacy: The Kind You Want & The Kind You’re Afraid Of

Winning marriages are couples that share a deep sense of intimacy with each other. This includes physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual intimacy.

Session 9: Building A Plan to Win

A winning marriage needs a plan. When you lack a clear vision for your marriage, it can feel like you’re just randomly existing. In this session, we help you begin building a vision to lead you into the future.

Session 10: How to Choose Winning Mentors

Marriage mentors are couples that commit to walking alongside you and your marriage as you grow together. In this session, you will learn what to look for in a mentor and how you can begin searching for winning mentors for your marriage.

Bonus Content

Session 11: 21-Day Marriage Devotional

For Him Only ( A section of mentoring just for Men

Session 12: I’m A Husband. Now What?

Session 13: 5 Things Your Wife Wants You to Know

Session 14: Dealing WIth Failure

For Her Only (A section of mentoring just for Her)

Session 15: Welcome to Her Room

Session 16: I’m a Wife. Now What?

Session 17: Dealing With Daddy Issues

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