As the world continues to move toward a digital space, your church can host an online new members class that makes church membership available to people anytime, anywhere

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Increase Health

Help the church grow in, grow out, and grow up by building into them a solid spiritual foundation based on biblical teaching.

Increase Volunteers 

Reach more people and engage your community with more volunteers to execute the vision.

Increase Giving 

Develop a culture of giving and serving by teaching new members how to support God's mission through the church.

Here's what you get with the Simple Systems Digital Discipleship Plans

The Digital Discipleship E-Course

Get a 5-Session Discipleship E-Course that walks people through the core teachings they need to be effective members of the church.

This course can be recorded by your team or use our pre-recorded classes. Need help writing your course materials? We can help with that too!


Increase Your Online Presence With a Responsive Website

A custom one-page website helps people find you more easily, so they can connect with you.

 Your website will offer a snapshot of who you are and what people can expect.

Registration Pipelines and Email Automations 

Your custom website will come with a registration pipeline that is equipped to automatically manage all of signups. 

Your pipeline includes a series of automatic emails that help you create relationship with new members.


Custom Digital Workbook

With an online e-course, people can join your church and attend your class from all over the world.

With you e-course, you also get a custom workbook that includes a welcome from the senior leader, interactive fill-in responses, and links to other church resources.

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