How Churches Use the 3G Method for Growth

The 6 Types of Working Genius

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We're here together again for another episode, and it's getting better and better and better. Thank you for tuning in, and I hope you are blessed by the previous episodes of our weekly podcast. So today, we're on episode 9, and we're going to talk about the six types of working genius. 

Have you ever been taught of your area of greatness? I mean, on what aspect do you think you excel? Do you sometimes look at other leaders' capability and look back into you, then feel discouraged because you feel you are not doing is enough? 

Let me tell you this; you don't have to compare yourself in any aspects amongst others. Why? Simply because we're all different, you are different, your church is different, the culture you were grown in is different, your people are different, and lastly, your calling is different from what others the Lord has called them to do. 

In this episode, I will be sharing some knowledge on discovering your area of greatness and the six types of working genius. I know this will help you see the spot where you may be something special.

I hope you will give yourself a chance and I know you don't want to miss it! So, head over and listen now and remember to keep the gears turning.

In the past year, 42% of pastors have considered leaving the ministry. 

The reasons vary. Some are overwhelmed, some over worked, some just plain tired.

That's why we created the CHURCH SYSTEMS BOOTCAMP. It's a coaching program where we help leaders grow their church with our burning out the leaders or using complicated marketing strategies. 

We introduce leaders to the 3G Model and how churches are already using it to grow.

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