How Churches Use the 3G Method for Growth

The Moment I Knew I Was Called to Ministry

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Instead of simply teaching you by providing you with the material throughout the following episodes, what if I do storytelling for the next couple of months? My goal here is to bless you by sharing my journey, significant milestones in my life, and the ministry that I discovered.


By sharing my experiences with you, I hope to help you understand what it's like to find your purpose and why I'm so enthusiastic about the things I'm passionate about.


You must be conscious of your current conditions and figure out why this is happening and the point. Through these possibilities, God has left you indications of who He has called you to be. You simply look for such signals in your life, identify them, understand what they mean, and then open yourself to receive what God has planned for you.


I am so excited for you to know how I ended up here in front of you. I’ve got more stories to and I hope that this will be a blessing to you.

In the past year, 42% of pastors have considered leaving the ministry. 

The reasons vary. Some are overwhelmed, some over worked, some just plain tired.

That's why we created the CHURCH SYSTEMS BOOTCAMP. It's a coaching program where we help leaders grow their church with our burning out the leaders or using complicated marketing strategies. 

We introduce leaders to the 3G Model and how churches are already using it to grow.

Want to know more? Just click the link below to watch a short video that explains the entire process.

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