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How to Get your To-Do Lists Done!

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Being your own boss is amazing, but it takes DISCIPLINE. Without someone standing over you to tell you what to do, you must learn to set a daily list of goals and get things done.

One of the things I have returned to is creating a list. I create my list weekly (every Sunday Night) and set my aim to get it done. When I finish my list, my work week is over. So I make sure I load it with all of the important things.

Here are a few tips to help you be more productive:
1. Control Your Schedule
Your time is one of your greatest assets. Don't let other people control it. I recently changed all of my scheduling apps to block off my day until noon. I saw how productive I could be if I worked on my stuff from 5am-12pm. That's my time. It's so easy to do so much for others that you can't get your own stuff done. Block off time to do what you need to do for yourself or your company.

2. Set an End Point
Many of us feel unproductive because once we complete a task, we immediately add a new one.🤦🏾‍♂️ Yes, new tasks pop up but make sure you have space to enjoy completing tasks. If you keep moving the goal, you miss out on the rush of brain chemicals that occur when you accomplish something.

When I finish my list, I go home and spend time with my wife and girls. It's my reward for a job well done.

3. Break Your List Into Categories
I lead in many different areas. Our company, our church, our network, our home. Each of these areas requires something of me and I want to carry them all well. Breaking down my list makes sure that nothing falls through the cracks.

Consider the different areas where you need to be productive. Create space for each one and watch how it helps.

4. Put EVERYTHING on a Calendar
Your memory is not as good as you think. Once we get into something that we are passionate about, time seems to stand still and everything else is forgotten. Scheduling helps supplement your memory. By putting your plans there, you have a reminder for time-sensitive things.

Another benefit of scheduling is that it helps you take immediate action. Instead of telling a person "we should get together", you can pull out the calendar a set it up. This gives you one fewer thing to worry about in the future.

5. Put Your Phone Away
Your phone is distracting you way more than you think. Every beep and notification represents a break in your focus. Putting your phone in another room or out of your reach helps you stay locked in for longer periods of time.

These are just a few ways you can be more productive this week and into the future.

What tips would you share for a productive week? Comment Below

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