How Churches Use the 3G Method for Growth

Gather. Grow. Go!

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I’m so glad that we came this far together! Thank you so much for your continued support and tuning in weekly with me. I want to show up every week to provide you with some content, wisdom, strategies, and systems that were beneficial for making a big difference to you as a leader! 

So today, we're on our 10th episode, and we're going to talk about "Gather. Grow. Go!: A Strategy to Break Growth Barriers" Let me ask you this, have you ever thought of a strategy, a plan, a system, or a formula that we can grab and show us how we can effectively build the vision that God has given us? If yes, how does it work for you? Do you think you are using the right one that fits you and your church? And if you haven't thought of any, let me tell you that there's a SIMPLE SYSTEM FORMULA that exists absolutely, and I'm not saying at the timing. I can't guarantee you the timing of it. I can't guarantee you any of that, but I believe it will work for MOST CHURCHES. Keep in mind that there are still some points to consider. That's why I can't guarantee that it will work for all churches.

I know that I will bless you on this episode, and I know you're excited about the SIMPLE SYSTEM FORMULA that I am talking about!

Hurry! Head over and listen to the blog right now, and I'm going to be giving you a bonus, so watch until the end. This is something that you shouldn't miss! 

Until then, keep the gears turning!

In the past year, 42% of pastors have considered leaving the ministry. 

The reasons vary. Some are overwhelmed, some over worked, some just plain tired.

That's why we created the CHURCH SYSTEMS BOOTCAMP. It's a coaching program where we help leaders grow their church with our burning out the leaders or using complicated marketing strategies. 

We introduce leaders to the 3G Model and how churches are already using it to grow.

Want to know more? Just click the link below to watch a short video that explains the entire process.

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