How Churches Use the 3G Method for Growth

5 Ways to Get Info From Your Livestream Viewers

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As vaccines begin rolling out in greater numbers, many church leaders are wrestling with how to shift their church back towards the in-person gathering. Moving from live streaming to live gatherings most certainly will have its challenges. Here is the big question: when church goes live again, what do we do with the online service?

Short answer, KEEP IT!

The online service has introduced a new option that many will love for years and decades to come. While this may not “feel” as great for church leaders, it is a viable option for reaching new people. 

One huge shift is to see your live stream as an online campus, not just an online service. An online service is just a space for people to watch what you do during your worship experience. But, an online campus includes many of the same elements of in-person worship such as serving, pastoral care, and more. 

How could you better serve those God sends to your church via the online space?

Whatever your strategy is, it begins with connecting with those who watch.  To this you need one simple thing: A Lead Magnet. A lead magnet, in this context, is something that gives people a reason to give you their information. In exchange for some value you offer, they connect with you by giving you a way to contact them in the future. 

The most simple way to do this is with an online form that collects basic information to help you learn more about your viewers. Armed with an online form, you now can begin the process of more deeply connecting with your online audience. 

In this video, I want to share 5 simple ways you can connect with live stream viewers and convince them to give you their information.

In the past year, 42% of pastors have considered leaving the ministry. 

The reasons vary. Some are overwhelmed, some over worked, some just plain tired.

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